A Busy Day

So I was finally able to sleep in today—I never seem to be able to sleep in, but I had stayed up later than normal, so woke up when Tom called me at 10am!! 88|

My actual agenda for the day started with a quick pass through the pantry to check for the necessary ingredients for a double batch of Lin’s spaghetti sauce, as well as premeasuring all the spices for two double batches (I like to have one set done ahead of time). But my day actually started by cleaning up nasty piles of Maggie vomit. She apparently found some eggs in the yard and either ate one or it was already broken and she was rolling in it. (I also tried to get a grooming appointment but they were booked.) I am not sure where the eggs came from—there are some birds that are always in our yard, which made me think maybe there was a nest somewhere (our neighbors had a nest in their grass!) but I didn’t see one.

After my spices and pantry-perusing was done, I made my shopping list, and off I went! Since I had to go to Sam’s anyway I decided to get the tires balanced again—I just had it done in April because the car was shaking when braking from a medium speed, but it was doing it again and when I picked it up, they said, yes they were off again. That concerns me somewhat because I am not doing any off-roading or anything that would skew the balance. (I have an appointment Monday morning for the 65,000 mile checkup, so will have them take a look at it, as well.) I also had a stop at Petsmart and Food Lion (for the odds and ends I couldn’t get at Sam’s).

On the way home I stopped at Bryant’s Farm, a roadside fruit/veggie market up the road about a mile. I always forget about it, but our neighbors reminded me of it (I went to dinner there the other night and raved about the strawberries—they were from Bryant’s). There was SO much good stuff there, I spent $25!! 88| The only thing missing from this picture is the watermelon and the piece of strawberry bread that disappeared 10 seconds after getting home!! Everything is soooo good, but the best? Fresh-shucked garden peas…and pickled beets! When I picked up the jar to look at them, the lady told me they were pickled beets—I told her I knew, I was hoping they were, and I hoped they tasted like my family’s beets! (I am sure no one here knows what they are. I can’t wait to try them!) I also can’t wait to have a toasted tomato sandwich, make a tomato/cucumber salad, make a tomato/basil/feta salad, and make a fruit salad!!!

Then it was time to make the sauce! Again, our kitchen is just too small for any real cooking…every counter was filled, the sink was full, and almost every cupboard door was open by the time I was done! I had decided to make lasagna, and of course, my eyes were bigger than my stomach (I wanted leftovers, but I make SUCH a huge vat of it, there is plenty for dinner for four PLUS leftovers for everyone), so I actually put the lasagna in the frig and invited neighbors for dinner tomorrow. :D

Then it was up to the office to do some work to make up time from my Charleston vacation. I worked on the website, which is something I just don’t have time to do at work. Well, I sorta do have time at work, but I get interrupted so much it’s nice to just be able to do it on my own, at my leisure, without interruptions—it would probably take me twice as long to get the same amount accomplished.

Then I cleaned up the house a bit and finished unpacking from Charleston (I’ve been slowly using things out of the suitcase—I hate unpacking), watched some TV, and went to bed!

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