Carpal tunnel? Nah, carpet trouble!

So my wrists have been hurting lately—like all the time hurting. Especially at work and while on the computer, so of course I was thinking carpal tunnel. I have even taking to cracking my wrist like Tom does! However, nothing really has changed at work or at home (seating configuration, desk, keyboard, chair, etc.) so I wasn’t sure why all of a sudden my wrists (both of them, not just the right one) would hurt so much.

But I think I have figured it out. Since both hurt, but the right is definitely worse than the left…it’s the Rug Doctor! I have been cleaning the carpets like crazy (I am on cleaning #5 I think downstairs and I’ve done upstairs twice). I always pull the unit with my right hand while also using the same hand to push the solution button! If I “test” grip (close my hand into a fist) I can feel it hurting.

So, why have I been cleaning the carpets so much, you ask??? Because they are filthy! Before, we would run the machine over the carpet once, get out the spots, empty the water, and it would be hideously, disgustingly gray. Well, that means (duh!) they’re still dirty!! So, I decided to keep cleaning them until the water runs clean! OMG! 88| It’s not happening! As I said, I am on time #5 downstairs (and it’s still dirty, and I am not even moving big furniture) and I’ve done the living room/hallway (upstairs) twice. The scary thing is it doesn’t seem to be getting THAT much better with each pass…so it’s either amazingly dirty, or the Rug Doctor has a glitch that spits a reserve of dirt into the water so you clean and clean and clean and use more product!! :)

But anyway, I am now taking a break because I have got to let my wrists get better—it’s painful to do a lot of things, including work on the computer all day!!

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