What are your favorite smells?

Last night, I was spontaneously invited down to dinner at a neighbor’s, and after dinner, they suggested a fire (our first semi warm night in weeks). So he made a fire in their chimnea and it was WONDERFUL! I even love how my clothes and hair smell afterwards. Of course, part of it are the memories it evokes of camping with my family when I was younger…but the smell, oh…the smell.

So this morning I was thinking about smells and wondering what my other top smells are… Campfire is definitely in the top 10, along with fresh lilacs and fresh cut grass. After that, I’d have to include the smell of Eternity (thanks to hubby!) and a Michigan cool-to-warm morning (hard to describe, but it’s a combination of the weather, the trees, the grass, the air—everything). Other than that, there are great smells (lots of cooking and baking smells, to be sure!), but nothing that comes immediately to mind to round out my top 10.

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