I missed him! I can’t believe I missed him!

So I decided that this entire weekend was meant for vegging and getting caught up on my TV shows. Of course, the phone was by my side every minute, just in case Tom got a chance to call from wherever he happens to be. No calls all night…but I wasn’t worrying because he said it could be 3 days or so. So after my shows are done, I mosey on over to the computer to check my email before going to bed—and CRAP!—there was an email from him at 11:14 asking if I was on!! Of course, any other night I would have been right there. :( I emailed back immediately (11:23, only 9 minutes later) but he never responded.

CRAP CRAP @&*^#&*^ CRAP.

But at least I know he’s alive. :)

One thought on “I missed him! I can’t believe I missed him!

  1. Mom says:

    Sorry! I know how you must feel. 11:14? He must have been in the air, or delayed? Good to know he contacted you, right? He will again………

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