Expired goods.

So the other day, I pulled out a bag of dry soup mix (Asiago Asparagus something or other) that I know has been in the pantry quite some time. As in, I know I’ve moved it from one house to another, so it’s been in our pantry at least 1.5 years. I started to make it and although it smelled okay, it didn’t look quite right. Then I tasted it—and it was horrible. I checked the expiration—and it was 2002. Yes, 2002. Which means it came with us from Virginia 3.5 years ago when we first moved here! Needless to say I dumped it all out.

Then last night, I was going through the pantry for the Boy Scout food drive, and realized quite a bit of the stuff was expired. Now, I’m not talking years old or anything (like the soup!), but like a cake mix and frosting (10/06), salad dressing (8/06), cans of V8 (2/06), and canned chicken (6/06). Of course, I would still eat these things after expiration (hell, some times long after expiration) but it hit me—should I donate these things? Is something better than nothing? Honestly, some of the things are items I don’t make often (like the cake and frosting, obviously) so if I don’t donate them, they’re going to sit in my pantry even longer. The short version is I am not donating anything expired, but…

That story, combined with the soup incident…take one guess what I’m doing this weekend? Yep, I’m going through everything and tossing like crazy. :) And then NOT buying more stuff until we need it!!

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