An innovative way to chat long-distance!

Tom and I finally got to talk today for a few minutes (damn old calling cards, it’s like 50 credits a minute or something insane like that) so we burned through two small [leftover from the last deployment] cards and then we emailed quite a bit.

He tried to login to our account to turn on the webcam, but he wasn’t able to with whatever system he was using. However, the neat technological part is that we figured out a neat alternative…he logged into my computer using logmein (which we had setup before he left, which gives him access to my computer). So I turned on my webcam, he opened a blank notepad document, and we chatted back and forth on my desktop!! The lag wasn’t bad on my end, but he said it was horrible on his…so we only did that for maybe 10 minutes. But he did get to see me and Maggie (who was sleeping on my lap at the time).

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