Some people…and some people’s kids.

I just don’t understand crappy parenting.

We just had a family come in the office with a small child—say, four years old. She was bothering the parents/agent, so we offered to take her back into the lunchroom where we turned on the TV so she could watch cartoons…and honestly didn’t think anything of it. Then we started to hear the trash can open and close. And open and close. Upon going back there, we discovered she was opening sugar packets and dumping them on the floor!! 88| She also helped herself to the bag of chip-clipped chips that were on the table, finishing the bag! 88| Another agent went back there and STERNLY told her to STOP with the sugar packets—and I think it was after that she moved to the chips.

What the hell? I mean, obviously the parents can’t know what she’s doing, but I’d hope that my kids would have the fear of God in them should they do anything wrong when out of my sight—and heaven help them if I found out they were acting that way.

So then the issue becomes, do you say something to the parents or not? We let it slide, but I really REALLY wanted to say something like “Your daughter may have spoiled her dinner since she polished off a bag of our chips back there. Oh, and she wasted about 20 packets of sugar by dumping them on the floor.”

I’m just flabbergasted.

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