Stymied at every turn!

So I had THE BEST idea for Christmas gifts for the parents this year…

EXCEPT I didn’t make my mind up until too late that I was going to get it for everyone, so I only had one.

And of course, I wanted the same exact thing…

EXCEPT I couldn’t find it anywhere locally for the same price [I got for the first one] so looked at other similar things (to make life easier)…

EXCEPT the things just weren’t what I wanted so they got returned.

So then I decided to just order what I wanted online…

EXCEPT I found that three stores had it and had to make a decision: Do I shop at the store where I get the absolute cheapest price (but comes with a mail-in rebate)? Or do I shop at the store with a bit higher price, but where I earn almost enough points for a $25 gift certificate? Or do I shop at the store with a middle-of-the-road price that makes for easy returns (just in case)?

So I decided to go with the $25 gift certificate offer…

EXCEPT shipping was 5-10 business days at that store…which, if it happens to be more than 10 days…we’re screwed (since we’ll be on our way to Michigan) and then no one gets presents.

EXCEPT I decided to have it shipped to my office, on the off chance it doesn’t make it in time, they can reship it to me.

I never thought buying two additional presents would be so hard! :>>

2 thoughts on “Stymied at every turn!

  1. ? says:

    Wow, you really told us! Nice of you to let everyone know that the “kindness” of your gift is really all about how cheaply you can buy and what kind of reward you can earn for yourself. Classy.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh get a grip! :roll: It’s not about how cheaply I can buy something or what reward I get for myself…but why not get something extra if at all possible? I wish I was more like you, apparently, who can afford to spend any amount of money without thinking. Please.

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