I hate going on vacation…

…because at work, the weeks leading up to my vacation completely suck. I am steadily working on all my to-dos through January 1, but of course that isn’t good enough. Suddenly, about 30 listings come out of the woodwork. They’ve been on our “coming soon” list for three months and I’ve been asking about them for the past month—but now that my vacation is one measly week away, it’s time to list ALL of our coming soon houses. WHAT THE HELL?

There is really no way I can get all the listing paperwork done PLUS enter all the listings in the MLS in one week. Well, maybe if I didn’t have anything else to do like answer the phone or work on my other to-dos. The stupid thing is that if I was going to be here, I’m guessing I wouldn’t have all those to do—I’d get a few here and there but nowhere near 30 in one week. And it’s not like we don’t have any inventory right now, so these would be our only listings. And it’s not like this is a busy time of year. And it’s not like this vacation was a surprise—they’ve known about it for two months now…

So, in addition to having to complete three week’s worth of activities over the next week, I will also have a month’s worth of listings to do in the same week. Someone shoot me.

Oh! And on top of all that, a 20-minute what-should-have-been-a-painless project turned into a FOUR-HOUR project. 88|

You know, I wonder what they would do if I ever had to be gone spur-of-the-moment for that long? I think they would survive just fine…so why the rush with all this work?

One thought on “I hate going on vacation…

  1. Mom says:

    You can only do what you can do for the time you are there. Explain what got done and what didn’t. You will have earned your vacation for sure! Maybe you can work overtime when you get back to make more money when Tom leaves? Like you would want to, eh?

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