The Punisher!

Tonight was a laugh riot—we went to Raleigh with our neighbors/friends, Rob and Cindy, to see Carlos Mencia in his current tour, The Punisher. He’s not a comedian everyone likes or “gets,” so we were really (REALLY!) surprised when we mentioned him in passing and they said they loved them and would love to go to the show with us!!

We went early to hit the mall and Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner. Other than a few snafus with dinner (our waitress must have been new) and directions getting to the venue (we only ended up having to walk about four blocks and were technically five minutes late but the show hadn’t started yet), the evening was an absolute BLAST! I have not laughed so hard in…well, I honestly can’t remember when. By the end of the evening, my stomach hurt from laughing so much and so hard! Now, THAT’S a good night!

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