Not quite as crazy as last time…

We had decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to have another party—this time, because a bunch of guys on our street are all deploying around the same time and we wanted to get everyone together before they all left (and before the holiday season occupied everyone’s schedules). We decided to have deep-fried turkey and make it into a potluck.

Of course, we were totally paranoid about throwing the party. I mean, we knew we had had a successful party in the past, but we are always scared that no one will show up and/or people will not have a good time.

Of course, we had nothing to worry about…we ended up with (I think) 22 adults and 14 kids! It didn’t get nearly as crazy as it did before, but everyone had a smashing time. And the turkey was a HUUUUUGE hit—I was surprised at how many people were trying it for the first time!

Oh, and Maggie? She was in pure doggie heaven—all those kids running around and wanting to play with her! Every time I looked around, someone was carrying her or chasing her or playing with her. One time, the kids were playing tag and were scattered, running all over—and she didn’t even know which way to run!! Towards the end of the evening, you could tell she was getting tired, so we put her to bed a little early and she slept straight through the night and didn’t even BUDGE in the morning!!

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