It’s going to be a loooooong day.

Sorry, I have to bitch about my job/office again today. :x

I am so sick of the arguments about the air/heat. Yesterday it was a gorgeous 70° outside but they had to turn the A/C on “because it was so stuffy in here.” Okay, neither of you had been in the office all day and everyone who WAS in the office had NO problem with the temp, so what the hell? Again, we got told “THE A/C ALWAYS STAYS ON! We can’t have our clients walking into a furnace.” Okay, what-ever. I personally don’t think 74° is a furnace, but what do I know—I’m only a peon who HAS to sit in the office all day. So I guess we can all freeze all day ON THE OFF CHANCE we have clients come in the office (and if we DID have clients that were not just running in and out, we’d turn it down!). And they complain when we prop the door open because all we have is a cement block and they don’t like how that looks. They’ve said a few times we can get something pretty to prop it open, but it never happens.

And this morning? There was a smell in the office, so their solution was to turn the A/C on to get rid of it. Huh? How about opening both doors and getting a cross breeze? GRRRRRRRRRR. (Did I mention it’s only 60° out?) So my boss asks if I’m cold and I say it’s a little chilly now that the air is on…thinking she might say “Oh, well then let’s turn it off” — HA! HAHA! — no, she tells me to open my blinds and let the sun in so I warm up!! OH MY GOD SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!  8O  I’ve only told them about five times that I cannot open the blinds in the morning because the bright sun shines right in my eyes and gives me a headache.

And on top of all this, my desk/chair situation is still bad and I am in pain. I am supposed to be getting a new/different desk but of course that hasn’t happened yet. (Long story, one of our agents is bringing in her own desk, which means I can get hers, but it has to be trimmed first to fit in my space and no one is making any moves to make that happen even though they were GUNG HO about telling me it was going to happen.) For the past few days, I’ve had my chair up higher so that my knees weren’t bent awkwardly and didn’t hurt, but then my wrist hurts because it’s too high for the mouse. So today I finally moved my seat down so my wrist didn’t hurt [as much]…but my knees are now scrunched and it feels like my ass is dragging on the ground. AND MY WRIST STILL HURTS!

And I have a headache, even with the blinds shut.

It’s going to be a looooooooong day.

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