I cannot wait until…

…I get a job where I am not the “go to” computer person. I AM HATING IT. I am always the one that has to set up people’s computers, install software, run updates, create email signatures, fix any problems, etc. And I’m tired of it. I don’t mind helping out, but when I am tasked to do just about everything, it gets old. Fast. :|

2 thoughts on “I cannot wait until…

  1. dad says:

    Sounds to me like you should be doing this for a living and not a pasttime. Just start “forgeting” how to do stuff. You have created your own monster by becoming so good at it and letting everyone know it. Barry gets $75/hr for that stuff. Negotiate-Negotiate. You are a valuable employee you know. I am sorry for ever leting you near a computer when you were so young. Blame it all on me!!

    love ya brat

  2. Jen says:

    The only problem with “forgetting” how to do stuff is that I would STILL be tasked with “figuring out how to do it” anyway. :(

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