Tom’s horrible new work schedule!

Tom’s work schedule has been horrible! This past week was the beginning of his 7-day work weeks—12 hours a day during the week and six hours on Saturday and Sunday. And what makes it worse? He has to be in by 5am! Which means he gets up around 3:30—3:45am. Which means he either takes a two-hour nap when he gets home OR he stays up and goes to bed around 8:30! On the weekends it means a 3-4 hour nap once he gets home—and then the day is practically gone. It really sucks. REALLY.

Hopefully he only has to do it for a month. I say hopefully because that’s the current schedule—but you all know how the USMC likes to change plans midstream (or just plain change their minds).

One good thing is that I think Tom told me a new guy is starting so that means everyone will get one day off a week…or maybe that’s my wishful spin on things and it’s really everyone will get one day off between now and the end of the time frame (mid-October). Yeah, that’s probably it. One day off between now and then. :'(

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