A Surreal Meeting

For those of you who might not know, I belong to a few online groups where I spend quite a bit of time (different than the ladies I met around the time of our wedding). Anyway, these groups have “meets” every now and again at places across the country, but even though we haven’t been able to make it to any (the major one was in Las Vegas for five days), I spend enough time chatting with these people that it feels like I know them.

So earlier tonight, I happened to read a thread where one of the members said he was at Camp Lejeune.

Huh? What?

I’ve never been shy or hesitant in sharing where I live, so I was very surprised that this guy didn’t know I lived here! Anyway, a few quick PMs and I was on my way to meet him! (Tom was on his way to bed, so he elected not to go.)

The whole thing was so surreal—I was meeting someone I’ve been chatting with for a year! Of course, I had brought my camera to fully document the occasion, so here you go—me and Mike:

tcr combat medic meet

Depending on his schedule, we will meet (all three of us) for dinner before he leaves. I really think the boys will get along well, as they apparently worked on the same technological systems in Iraq. Small world.

UPDATE (inserted here because it felt out of place on the actual date): We never did get to meet for dinner. :(

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