Wow. Just, wow!

So awhile back, my dad asked me where he should send something to make sure I get it. I assumed it was something of value, as he apparently didn’t want it sitting on our porch, so I said my office. This morning, I received a cryptic email saying “expect the package, you must wait to open it with Tom, and check out the numbers.”



Let me tell you, I was going NUTS waiting for it—and hoping it would arrive today instead of having to wait until Monday! I had no idea at all what it could be. NONE! So I was thrilled when the UPS guy brought it in. It was probably 2′ x 3′ x 3″ — and I still had no idea (it wasn’t that heavy and it shook a little bit).

I called Tom to tell him it had arrived and he had better stop on his way home!! Both Jane and Dick (my bosses) offered to open it for me, since there appeared to be no restrictions on anyone else opening it. I politely declined.

So Tom walked in about 3:00 and we tore into it. Imagine our total and utter surprise/shock/amazement to find this….

Kinkade print

A 12×16 signed and numbered canvas (32/1450—to commemorate my age when I received it!), Autumn on Mackinac Island, by Thomas Kinkade.

Turns out Linda was the driving force behind the purchase… she went into a local gallery and saw the sketch of the soon-to-be-completed piece and thought it would be perfect. Dad actually describes it much better:

Originally, we were in Petoskey for one of my appointments. When Linda picked me up after my appointment she said she wanted to show me something. Well we went to the T.K. gallery and she showed me a sketch of it. There were no prints even produced yet. She said what do you think of it and I said It would probably be very pretty when done but where were we going to hang it. She said, “It’s not for us silly, I want to give it to Jen for her birthday.” I immediately got up off the floor and said if it means that much to you, then it is a done deal. Needless to say, we still have the sketch (personally signed-maybe copied. I am not sure) and you “may” someday inherit it. T.K. was actually in Pestoskey but because of schedules we could not go meet him. But he had been to Mac. Island to make the sketch!

I am still floored. We are going to go get it framed this weekend and then find the perfect place to hang it (I have my ideas, but it means rearranging some things).

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