Our first bike ride in 5 years!

So Tom and I both got our bikes in working order (mine took quite a bit more work than his did)…but that’s what you get when you don’t use the bike and let it sit outside or in the garage for five years. The lady at the bike shop was thrilled, though, saying “I don’t get to work on these old bikes that often!” But, the consensus was it was better to fix the better quality/older bike than to buy a cheaper quality/newer bike.

So tonight, it finally stopped raining long enough to go for a bike ride. And… oh my. It sucked!! I mean, it felt great to be riding again, but first the seat was to high. Then it was too low. Then it was okay, but not perfect. And then I remembered that I hated the handlebars because you have to lean way over (even with the seat where it’s supposed to be) and it puts a lot of pressure on your hands/wrists…actually painful! We rode around the neighborhood (probably about two miles) and it was all my hands could take. I hope it’s something that my body adjusts to, otherwise it was a big waste of money getting it fixed… (I remember wanting to switch out the handlebars before, but it was going to be fairly expensive…and since we just spent a bucketful to get it ridable, I don’t want to spend any more on handlebars.)

Stay tuned!

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