Whoa! That’s expensive bread!

So Tom and I went out for lunch to Duck’s, a great restaurant/bar that has the BEST crab dip appetizer. Except that you never get enough toasted garlic bread to eat all the dip (unless you pile it high on each piece—which wouldn’t be a bad thing—but you can make it last longer with more bread). It comes with five SMALL pieces (think french bread loaf, cut in about 1/2″ slices). So, in the past, we’ve asked for more bread and they bring us out more (to be honest, I can’t remember how many slices, but we were thinking another five).

So today, we ask for more bread and the waitress says “It will be 50¢, is that okay?” Well, no, it’s really not okay to charge me for a few more pieces of stinkin’ bread, but I guess it’s only 50¢ so no big deal, whatever. So she brings us the bread…and it’s THREE stupid pieces.

Three pieces.

For 50¢.


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