We are both completely exhausted.

Prepping the house for a party is hard work—especially since we really don’t deep clean on a regular basis, LOL. So, this long holiday weekend was dedicated to getting major projects done, as well as some accessorizing throughout the house.

  • The deck is stained.
  • The stones and bricks have been finished along the back of the house.
  • We have three new shrubs planted in the new rock bed.
  • The kitchen and dining room floors have been scrubbed and waxed.
  • The carpets have all been spot cleaned (i.e. vomit spots be gone!).
  • Pictures and artwork have been hung.
  • Furniture has been vacuumed.
  • Took many trips to town (for hours at a time) to pick up odds and ends.

Well, there has to be more we did, because we seriously worked most of the weekend. But those are the only major things I can think of at the moment. Of course, Tom did all the outside stuff in the horrendous heat—and it was A LOT of work—but it all looks absolutely stunning (pics to come soon).

Of course, the sad thing is that even though we worked hard all weekend, it doesn’t LOOK like we accomplished much inside, because all the rooms are still torn apart with odds and ends all over. So, we have three nights left to finish everything up before Jim and Beth arrive Friday afternoon.

Wish us luck!

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