SPECIAL: Frog Legs Basil

We decided to eat Thai tonight, and I was really looking forward to one of my two favorite dishes—Basil Fried Rice (do you really think I can remember the Thai name?) or Pad Thai. Except that the special was Frog Legs Basil.


I haven’t had frog legs in, oh, probably 20 years (I vaguely recall having them one night at Trombley’s when I was quite young, but I can’t remember the exact circumstances), and I LOVE basil, so I thought “Hell, why not?”


It was good, but it was such a pain in the ass to eat! There were probably 10 frog legs (amidst the basil, onions, and peppers), and the meat just fell off the bones—but then again, the bones were so small they totally fell apart and I was constantly picking frog bones out of my mouth. Not exactly appealing. Or easy to eat. Or edible with a fork. And it didn’t taste any different than chicken.

Next time? Basil Fried Rice or Pad Thai, thankyouverymuch.

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