I need to learn how to cut my own bangs.

So I went to my stylist today to get my bangs professionally cut… I can attempt a hack job myself, but it’s just that—a hack job. It gets them shorter, but it doesn’t necessarily look the best. And since we’re heading to a wedding this weekend, I figured I needed them looking better than if I tried cutting them.

But what a freakin’ racket!

For approximately 45 seconds worth of work (maybe two minutes if you count her walking to the back to get a cape, putting the cape on, cutting, taking the cape off, walking me to the front, writing up the bill, and saying thank you and goodbye) it cost me…are you ready???


It used to be $5, which is why I didn’t really have a problem with it. I mean, an entire haircut and style with her is $25…but cutting my bangs in under a minute is $10?


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