Announcing Captain Hudson!

Tom’s promotion ceremony was held this morning at approximately 8:10am. They held a full formation (which basically means all the marines in the building have to line up oustide…in formation!), called him to the front, read his pledge or commitment (or whatever it was called—I need to ask him) and then I was called up to help pin on his new rank. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures…I forgot I had the camera in my pocket and we both forgot to ask someone ahead of time to take pictures. Besides, his actual promotion was over in a matter of two minutes—and the entire ceremony (three others were getting promoted as well) was over in a matter of 15 minutes.

After the congratulatory comments afterwards, he got the rest of the day off… we headed straight to the ID center to replace our ID cards (new rank = new cards for both of us) and they have some new system that takes longer now, so we had probably an hour wait. After that, we played hookey the rest of the day and had a blast…

This is the only picture I took of us that day…in the car, waiting for our turn to get new IDs.

Captain Hudson

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