Workplace Pros & Cons

So if you’ve been reading along, you know that my boss finally went out on her own. It was a move that really needed to be made—and for the most part, it’s been good for me, as well. But there have been some trade offs…some of which I am none too happy about.


  1. The office atmosphere is much better. (We are away from the annoying/loud chatter of agents and the drama of a 25-person office.)
  2. I got a nice raise (although I still don’t get paid nearly what I’m worth for what I do around here!).
  3. I have a window.


  1. I am now the receptionist. (They told me we would be hiring someone for the job, then it turned into we would be hiring a property management person who would sit up front, and now I’ve been told I will be the receptionist until further notice. Unless something major changes, I also anticipate that this means I will have to do property management tasks like accepting rent, because I am the only one at the front where people walk in.)
  2. I lost my desk. (At the old office, I had recently gotten a new desk that I picked out. Over here, it didn’t fit at the front desk so it’s at the back—where I was going to move as soon as we got a receptionist. Except now it’s going to be the new girl’s desk. So I have a desk that I hate and is not very user-friendly.)
  3. We are next door to Curves—which means all day long we hear the THUMP THUMP THUMP of their exercise music. (I try not to let it bother me, because if I let it, I would be insane every day…but sometimes it DOES get to you.)
  4. I can no longer go to lunch with the bosses—we cannot close/lock the doors for any reason and someone always has to be here to answer the phone. (While I understand it from a business perspective, it’s not like we have a steady stream of traffic through here. If someone has to drop something off, there’s a drop box. If someone has to get in touch with you, they can call your cell like they always do. If someone calls, they can leave a message. If someone stops by, I am sure they will be understanding that you are taking an hour lunch break. And it’s not like we went out all the time—but it was a nice treat to lunch together every so often.)
  5. If you’ve been reading along, you will also know that I rarely get to take an actual lunch break. (Since there is no one to officially cover me, I end up eating at my desk and generally end up taking phone calls and/or working.)

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