Why I rarely get to take an official lunch break.

So, long story short, I have been told that I don’t need to eat lunch at my desk (not that I can’t, but I don’t need to) and that I should feel free to go to the break room (or whatever) and take my half hour and they will answer the phones (so I don’t have to). Okay, fine. Oh, they’ve also told me that it should be no problem to take my lunch when others are in the office (so they can answer the phones, etc.).

Okay, it sounds logical. But the very FIRST day they told me this, everyone was out of the office from 10:30 to 3:30. So, apparently I need to eat lunch at 10 or 4. (I don’t think so.) And honestly, about half the time, they’re out of the office during normal lunch hours, so I sit and eat at my desk.

So the first day I actually try to take my lunch, I am not back there for more than a minute when the phone rings. It was answered, but guess what? It’s for me, so they yell to me to take Line 1. As I’m walking up to get the phone I say “This is why I eat at my desk!” John says “I can put it in your voicemail. Do you want me to do that?” Well, what’s the point, considering I’m already up here?

So the next day we were really VERY busy so I was eating and working at my desk. And they knew that. So the phone rings and… no one answers the phone because they’re apparently waiting for me to answer it because I’m sitting here. Grrrr.

So today I leave my desk and am eating lunch in the break room. The phone rings, someone answers it, and… yep, it’s for me. So I have to go up to my desk to answer it and deal with it. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TAKING A REAL LUNCH BREAK?

I think they might get an earful if I hear one more word about not eating at my desk…

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