I hate buying airline tickets!

So Tom and I just tried to buy plane tickets to a friend’s wedding in Louisville for next month. (We had thought about driving, but it would have been like 11 hours one way and we just didn’t feel like attempting 22 hours in a short weekend.)

So we go to trusty old Orbitz and there are two flights (out of Raleigh) for $160 each (the only two cheap flights). We attempt to purchase the best one (time-wise) and… “Sorry, there is a problem with one of the flights you selected.” So meanwhile, Tom is on his computer at Travelocity and he sees more flights so we try one of those and…after filling in all the information…nope, sorry, that flight isn’t available!! So back to my computer and Orbitz, where I am finally able to get a flight. It’s not the times we wanted, but at least it was still the cheapest flight. (Just an FYI, to leave from Jacksonville, tickets were about $500 each.)

So it took us over an hour to book two stupid flights. And it should have taken five minutes.


So guess where we have a layover? Detroit. DETROIT! To fly 700 as-the-crow-flies-West miles, we have to fly about 700 crow miles to Detroit and then another 700 crow miles to Louisville. It’s such a pain living in a city with no real airport.

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