Crazy Busy Weekend

I’m not sure exactly how many hours we spent at the office, but it was most of Saturday and most of Sunday.

We moved everything into the office and started rearranging furniture (long story short, Sue bought most of the guy’s furniture and decorations so the office was mostly filled, we just had to arrange it like we wanted). Then Sue and I went shopping to look at refrigerators and artwork (we didn’t get anything, but got some ideas). We unpacked files and got computers set up and Tom worked on getting everything networked and protected (a major chore). He also ended up putting together quite a few pieces of furniture (later in the day, Sue and her mom went shopping and came back with chairs and tables). I think we ended up leaving around 8 or so.

Sunday we came back to do more odds and ends, doing whatever we could to get ready to open for business on Monday morning! There was just SO much to do, and every time you thought you could take a break, there was something else to do that you had forgotten about.

The good thing that happened to Tom? Sue gave him $140 for all his work. It was great because he was just doing it to be helpful and wasn’t expecting anything in return.

The good thing that happened to me? Sue gave me my raise—I was stunned. I was expecting something smaller, so $2/hour made me VERY happy. I thanked her for the generous raise and she commented that she was very grateful for the work I do…and that there will certainly be more to do now! (Of course, I still think I’m worth more, but I am thrilled nonetheless.)

Now…are we ready for tomorrow????

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