Hot Cranky People

So since I’m currently banned from my favorite online community for another 10 days or so, I’ve been asking people on another board to give me their sites and/or blogs so I have something to read during the day. (Before you ask about work, let me just say it’s REALLY dead right now. Besides the fact that this time of year is notoriously slow, we also only have four actual active listings and probably 20 closings—which is a far cry less than we’d normally have.) So there have been quite a few submissions, but my most favorite has to be Hot Cranky People by sallypnut. I love her writing style, her sense of humor, the quantity and hilarity of pictures—and to top it all off? She’s a cat person! Whoohoo! Her blog is what I wish mine could be. (If you go visit her site, please don’t tell me how much her site rocks as compared to how much mine sucks. Thanks.)

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