Compromising Situation

I hate it when you get an email from a company saying “We’re sorry, but your credit card information may have been compromised.” I know it happens, but we’ve both been pretty lucky so far—if having only two occurrences of fraudulent charges is lucky (one on my account and one on Tom’s). This time it was—long story short, they can’t guarantee our information was taken, but it might have been copied (or something like that). So I called to place a fraud alert on my credit report and cancelled the credit card. North Carolina apparently offers a security freeze for such situations, except you have to either file a police report (to get the freeze for free) or pay $10 per bureau. I’ll decide on that after I sleep on it. I can’t imagine I’d really NEED it for one compromised credit card—but I guess it’s nice to know the option is there.

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