Coldwell Banker Awards Night

As background, this was from last year’s entry:

In 2004, Onslow County had something like $285,000,000 in sales (approximately 2800 homes). Our office did (approximately) $44,000,000 in 2004 (compared to like $32M in 2003). Of that $44M, my boss was responsible for 25% of that, or $11,000,000 (give or take a few thousand)

In 2005, Onslow County had something like $445,000,000 in sales (~3500 homes). Our office did ~$67,000,000. Of that $67M, my boss and her partner were responsible for ~$20,000,000 of that (or almost 30%). Damn.

Oh, and this year since I was dieting, there were NO alcoholic drinks, no hot wings, and no dessert. The only thing I cheated on was my chicken cordon bleu (pre-ordered before I knew we were starting the diet) which came breaded—but I did skip the rice, dessert, and an open bar (OPEN BAR!). So I think I was pretty good! I tell you, it’s easier to say no to stuff if I do it cold turkey. I did, however, have a momentary lapse when the waitress came around and asked if we wanted dessert—and I asked what they had. As soon as she started talking, I thought “What the hell? Why did I even ask when I’m not getting anything?” But it didn’t bother me to say no.

Again, the only bad thing about the night is that I now smell like smoke. Blech.

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