Last night sucked!

(Kathryn, don’t read this as I don’t want you to feel bad!)

As the evening wore on (after we came home from shopping) I started getting really tired so I took Nyquil and was in bed with lights out by 8:30. However, I didn’t really officially get to sleep (i.e. or get any good sleep) until probably after midnight—my throat was really bothering me. From experience, I knew it wasn’t strep—it felt like sinus-y issues (you know, it feels like phlegm but nothing is there and you clear your throat and it hurts and you keep swallowing trying to get rid of it and nothing works). Tossing and turning, nothing is comfortable (no flu-like aches and pains, though, thankfully). Then Tom came to bed about midnight and I think I finally fell asleep asleep. Until about 2am when a loud crashing woke us up! We searched and searched and…the cats were locked up so we knew it wasn’t them prowling around. Finally Tom discovered that the downstairs bathroom mirror had fallen off the wall and crashed onto the pedestal sink and then hit the floor (the grommets/screws holding the hooks to the mirror frame came undone). So, we’re gone two weeks and it decides to do this the night we get back and sleep is critical for me. ARGH! (Now, we have to try to take the mirror back—it’s cracked—and see if they have another or try to find something else that matches the bathroom.) This morning really sucked because I’d finally gotten to sleep and was sleeping well—and 7am came too early. Unfortunately, Tom said he was feeling sick now, too. I really wanted to call in sick but figured that wouldn’t go over too well. So, I took DayQuil and Immodium and off I went. My head feels really foggy and the room spins slowly every so often…but of course, all my boss said was “Are you throwing up sick?” When I said not yet, she basically said “Sorry you don’t feel well, but glad you’re back!” So you can see why I didn’t call in sick… It’s only 10:30 and it feels like I’ve been here three days. It’s going to be a loooooooong day and an early night!

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