Kid Trip

kid tripI’ve been remiss in my blogging duties… but when we got back from the cruise, we had to prepare for our first overnight visitors—mom and David! They were making a Kid Trip—a loop to visit all the kids—and were were second in line after Jim and Beth in Richmond!

Even though Tom and I weren’t able to take any time off, we had a good time. It was sort of nice to come home to people in the house—and we got used to it very easily (the house was SO quiet after they left)! Mom and David took a day trip to see the wild horses out toward the Outer Banks. Mom and I exchanged one of our Christmas presents early because neither of us could wait and we wanted to see the other’s face! We also cooked a lot together and made a Cook’s Illustrated apple pie (I mention CI because it was a very labor-intensive experience).

They ended up staying an additional day because Hurricane Wilma was bearing down on Florida—their next destination! Wilma did hit Kathryn and Marcus but they didn’t fare too badly—they lost their pool surround structure and were without power—but mom and David went on to Baton Rouge to see Doug and Marie (and Gabrielle!) with hopes of being able to backtrack to Florida if everything was back to normal by the time they were ready. (We haven’t heard an update yet.)

Overall it was great having them here—especially as our very first overnight guests!! (They actually barely ended up beating my dad and Linda—they’re scheduled to come down in about a week or so.) We’re already looking forward to their next visit…whenever that may be!

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