Home again, home again

We made it back to Jacksonville about 2:30…we tried desperately to take a bump somewhere along the line but it never worked. They actually called for three people for the Charlotte to Jacksonville leg, but by the time we got over there, they only needed one and we didn’t want to split up!! (We had hoped to get free tickets so we could maybe come home for a long weekend at Christmas!)

The cats are fine (according to the note the sitter left, they had a few issues while we were gone—but I think it was just Fuzzy being stubborn) and are glad we’re home. They’re enjoying the open windows —and so are we! It’s 71 here…quite a change from 95 yesterday in Boca Raton!

We’ve already been to town to do our grocery shopping and are on our third load of laundry… I can’t fathom having to go to work tomorrow—aside from plain not wanting to go, I’m sick. I’m not blaming anyone, LOL, but Anna was sick when we got back from the cruise! The little devil!

I’ll let you know when the pictures are online. We have quite a few, but I probably won’t put many online since there aren’t that many good ones (most are dreary since the weather was not sunny).

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