We started packing tonight.

What a nightmare! I hate packing at any time, but packing for something I’ve never done is even more excruciating! We know we have two formal nights (we don’t have to attend, but we want to go to at least one, so why not go to both and get more use out of the fancy clothes?) and one night at the premier restaurant (the one with an upcharge, which came with our package). The other nights (as those who’ve cruised before can surely attest) require some extra level of dress for the dining room (no shorts or jeans). So, we’re having to pack more dress clothes than we anticipated…but it should be great! Tom is taking his dress blues and I’m taking an old Marine Corps Ball gown and an old dress (the one I wore to mom and David’s wedding). Then you have to wonder how many pairs of shorts are too many, how many pants are too many, how many pairs of shoes are too many? Right now, I’m at four pair—no, five if I take tennies. Let me count: 1) pool shoes 2) black sandals for informal nights 3) white sandals for formal nights 4) brown leather sandals for every day wear 5) tennis shoes for trekking around ports or whatnot. Goodness. I didn’t want five pair of shoes…but what can you do? I’m hoping to fit everything in ONE suitcase and ONE carryon. It’s doubtful, but I’m crossing my fingers.

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