Dishwasher Finale

Well, the woman finally called and said “Would it be okay if I dropped a check by your office?” Oh boy. I was REALLY tempted to tell her no, it had to be cash or a money order…but didn’t feel up to the fight, so I said fine. She dropped it off and it was a local bank, so I figured I would stop by Friday and cash it, so I knew it was good. Unfortunately the bank wasn’t where I thought it was and by the time I figured it out, I was too far away from where it really was. So…I just deposited it in my own bank and figured if it bounced, I knew where I could find her! The guys she called to come pick it up came this morning and were surprised when they found out they didn’t have to uninstall it! WHAT? you say. Yes, they thought they were going to have to take the dishwasher from our kitchen. It scares me that this woman is a real estate agent—she apparently is QUITE stupid or CANNOT communicate effectively.

But I have $200 and the dishwasher is gone. YAHOO!

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