Pictures are online!

You would think with ALL the work we’ve done and ALL the painting we’ve been doing (two rooms just this weekend!) I would have more pictures…but of course I’m only showing you the best ones!

The cats exploring and getting comfy in their new house:








The office, which is just off the fourth bedroom–or our living (tv) room. It’s much more cluttered now!


The living room / sitting room / fireplace room! We have curtains to match the furniture and blinds for the center section.


Don’t mind the mess in the kitchen…


The blue paint, depending on the light, can look anything from gray to blue to periwinkle.


I LOVE THE BEDROOM! I’ve wanted that quilt for over a year, so it was the inspiration for the color scheme (the bath is purple). We saw the idea for the color block wall on HGTV (for someone who didn’t have a headboard, as we don’t) and thought it would be perfect. I didn’t realize until AFTER we decided that it would be perfect with the quilt design, as well!


The master bath. We took down the big wall mirror and put up the medicine cabinets. We still have some tweaking to do (i.e. a shelf for some of the clutter). I LOVE HAVING TWO SINKS!


The jacuzzi tub on the left…and my lilac shower curtain!!


The dining room. The chair rail and crown molding look great…but are a PITA to tape/paint!


Notice the peeled paint on the tray ceiling…thanks to the bad paint job (dust not cleaned off before the builder painted), our paint peeled right off. So much for the hour or so of work it took both of us…and the hour or so it will take Tom to fix it. We plan on putting a large mirror (that used to be over our fireplace) on that back wall.


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