More (minor) Frustrations


So I turned in our change-of-address/forwarding information about a week ago, thinking that was plenty of time. Nowhere did I read how long it would take, so I assumed a week would be appropriate. Not so. You know what happens when you assume. So it’s been three business days and we haven’t received any mail…and I was getting worried. So Tom just called and guess what? It can take UP TO 10 DAYS for the mail to start forwarding (stopping starts immediately, however). Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things (it seems I’m saying this a lot lately) but it would have been nice to know—somewhere along the lines of filling out forms!


Man oh man, our new dishwasher is SMALLER than the last one! I didn’t think they could get any smaller except for teeny tiny apartment ones, maybe. We can only fit maybe (MAYBE!) one day’s worth of dishes in there. It’s awful!

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