Driveway Update

It’s been an ongoing saga… Tom talked to one of the builder reps (the secretary, basically) and she said the original guy who poured the driveway has NO intention of coming back to redo anything…the guy that came out and looked at it a week or so ago was the replacement guy…and she didn’t seem to think ANYTHING would be done with the driveway. I DON’T THINK SO!! So we decided to go straight to the agent (she was the Listing Agent and she is the builder’s representative—she signed the agreement saying the driveway would be fixed by August 31) to see what she has to say… and gently letting her know that the contract she signed says if the builder doesn’t fix it by August 31 we can have it fixed at THEIR expense.

Fast forward a few hours… Tom talked to the agent/rep and she said it looks like the builder is opting to REPLACE the entire driveway. Excellent! And now that I know this, I’m not so adamant on having it completed by the end of the month, but I still want it done ASAP. But now I feel a little guilty about asking them to replace a few rows of dead sod…I don’t want to bitch TOO much about our “contract” because technically, our contract says all the builder is required to do is fix the driveway with the epoxy coating…and I don’t want to get into a technicality match over $100 worth of sod vs. an $8,000-$10,000 driveway.

Stay tuned.

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