Stressed out and pissed off

So we’re in the process of moving. We closed on our old house Wednesday and are closing on our new house this afternoon. We are “renting back” our old house for a few days so we could move all our stuff to the new house.

In preparing utility switches, I had the power set to be turned off today, figuring since the new owners would be moving in over the weekend, they would have the power turned on today. (You can only have this done on weekdays.) I honestly had forgotten all about it, until Tom called me saying the power was off.

Long story short, new owner obviously hasn’t had power turned on in his name (nice guy, but he thought he was going to get his EMD back, so he’s a few bricks short of a load). We still have tons of stuff to move, painting touchup to do, appliances RUNNING, yada yada yada. You cannot move out of a house without having the power on. Oh, and did I mention NO AIR CONDITIONING???? Luckily it’s only 80 right now, but with the temps like they’ve been lately??

Granted, we were renting from them, so the power should still be on in our name. But I figured since they were moving in over the weekend, they’d put it in their name. It sounds logical.

To make matters more annoying, I tell my boss about it, and she says “Well, just live at the new house!” Um, yeah, think about it…we’re still MOVING OUT. It’s not like we’re CHOOSING to still live there for the hell of it. UGH.

It’s not like $25 is a great deal of money in the grand scheme of things, but we don’t need to spend an additional $25 to turn the power BACK on when, in my opinion, it should be on. So, I’m pissed off that I didn’t keep it on until Monday (just to be safe) and I’m pissed off that the new owner didn’t have it turned on already. (And don’t get me started how every utility charges about $25 just to flip a freakin’ switch to turn something on and off.)

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