We’re officially for sale!

Our house is officially for sale! (Of course, there’s a long and convoluted story behind it, but suffice it to say the house is the cleanest and most organized it’s ever been!) The good news is that no one expects it to last until the weekend, and no one would be surprised if it sold today. The bad news is that the house we put an offer on is still taking backup offers (again, long story) so there’s a chance (although extremely small) that we could lose it.

Okay, so you want the long and convoluted version? Here goes. Let me try a list—it may help simplify things:

  • One of our best friends (and previous neighbor), Roger, is an up and coming real estate agent.
  • It’s been known since Day 1 that if/when we sell our house, he will be the agent.
  • I now happen to work for one of the top agents in the city.
  • We planned on doing a FSBO (we thought we had a buyer) so Roger would get a 2% fee and we’d save some money.
  • I had to break it to my boss that I was listing and buying with another agent. It was awkward and she was surprised but overall it went okay.
  • The FSBO fell through and, due to a contract contingency for our new house, we had to have our house sold or listed by Monday.
  • Roger couldn’t go down to 4%, which we needed in order to make what we wanted to make on the sale of our house.
  • I had to go crawling back to my boss to suck up and ask if she would sell our house. (I actually cheated and took the wuss way out by having Roger call her!) :oops:
  • She agreed with no hesitation (phew!).

Oh, the trials and tribulations of real estate! :)

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