Staples: A Visit

I had to go to Staples today to mail a package and drop off something for a friend. I always like going, because I really miss my friends that still work there and I enjoy talking with them for the few minutes that I’m there. But I am SO glad I no longer work there.

Here’s what happened: I was in front of the ship center counter, which is NOT a register and is AT LEAST 10 feet away from a register (which you can tell is a register because there is a light on that says “check out lane” or something equally as obvious and there are bags and the debit machine on the counter). So a guy walks up, throws his labels on the counter (in front of me, no less), and pulls out his wallet—obviously wanting to check out. I sighed and politely said “Sir, this isn’t a checkout. The register is down there—” and pointed to where the light was on. He says snottily “But everyone is down here.”

INSTANTLY, all my retail issues with stupid customers came RAGING back and I think I actually felt my blood pressure rising. Savannah, who was shipping my package and KNOWS how irritated I get with stupid customers, shared a knowing look with me. I had to refrain from snapping “So, just because everyone is down here, you think that means you can check out here? Can’t you read the sign?” But I took a breath and said “But this isn’t a checkout. The register is there. It’s a common mistake.” So he walks over to the register and then snots “But there’s no one here!”

Well, asshat, if you opened your eyes, you would see that there are two people in the copy center. One girl is helping ME and the manager is helping another customer. Did you ever hear of waiting your turn? But, you know, if you REALLY open your eyes, you will see a fully-staffed register a few lanes down. Oh how I wish I could say those things…which, I technically could now that I no longer work there, but still.

So the manager, having heard our exchange, looked at the customer and said “Sir, I will be with you in a minute—when I’m done with this customer.” I told Savannah that even though I’d been gone six months, all it took was one idiot customer in my presence to make me nuts. I pray that I will never have to go back to retail…

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