Weekend in Baltimore

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Our old neighbors, Tom and Karen, invited us to Baltimore for Memorial Day weekend. Tom has family there and we have friends there, so we decided to road trip together. (We’d met his family before, so they weren’t total strangers!)


The drive up was long (seven hours and four traffic jams) but we had a great time. We stayed with one of Tom’s brothers, Scott, in his gorgeous townhouse and got to meet his girlfriend, Jessie, for the first time (LOVE HER!). The first night we were there, we went to their friends’ graduation parties (two friends were graduating from the Naval Academy and one was graduating from high school). It was a big combination party at a local hall so we enjoyed a nice dinner, drinks, dancing, and visiting with Tom’s family! We also got to meet Frank’s wife, Amy, for the first time (LOVE HER!). Tom and I also decided we’d like to adopt Tom’s parents as our fourth set of parents—-they’re a riot!

Saturday, we met up with John Paul and Kelly, two of Tom’s friends (JP from grade school and college and Kelly from college). We hadn’t seen them since before we were married…so it was really nice to be able to spend the day and visit with them. They live two blocks from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, so we walked to McCormick & Schmicks for lunch and then got caught in a downpour on the way home. We had planned on making a game at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers!)—-again, walking distance—-but we were leery of it raining again so we went to a movie instead. Then for dinner around 10pm, we walked down the street and got take-out Thai and sushi. Seeing how they live made me realize how much of a suburbs girl I am!! Don’t get me wrong—-their Federal Hill row house is gorgeous, but I cannot live with parking on the street, possibly two blocks away from where I live! And the tiny stairs for the three floors? Wow, they certainly weren’t made for people with big feet or large frames, LOL!

Sunday we spent the day with Tom’s family again. One of his brothers had a BBQ at his new house and we had a nice time visiting with them and their relatives and friends. In an “it’s a small world” moment, we discovered that friends of theirs were married on the same date as we were—-August 18, 2001—-a half hour apart (we were 10:30, they were 11). We left around 8pm (to hopefully avoid the holiday traffic) and made it home just before 2am.

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