The Royal Swim

We scheduled a shore excursion for our cruise…”SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS IN TORTOLA-THE ROYAL SWIM” —-

Imagine the thrill of dolphins pulling you through the water, or leaping over your head. Picture yourself speeding through the water as the dolphins push you by your feet. Experience the joy of a dolphin’s kiss…memorable photo opportunities to say the least. And our professional photographers will capture these magical moments for you on video and photo. Each session is one hour, with 30 minutes of swim time.

I used Shore Trips (linked in title), a site I found last year while surfing the net. They supposedly have the same tours that cruises offer, but you get smaller groups and more personalized service.

I really hated to spend as much as we did for the experience (dolphins are one of the most expensive trips, excluding renting a private yacht for the day!), but Tom said if that was what I wanted to do…then we’d do it! To make sure we get the most out of the experience, we bought a waterproof housing for our camera, so we can be sure to get TONS of pictures!!

We’d like to maybe do another excursion, but we aren’t sure yet what it will be…something cheap, most likely!

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