I had a detour on the way to work this morning so when I got in, I called Tom to see if he had the detour as well (usually an hour earlier than me) and there was no answer. I didn’t think anything about it. He called me about 20 minutes later…he was just getting to work…he had been the main witness to the accident (about 7am)! He said he came very close to being in the accident himself! As it was, he witnessed a woman cross over the center turn lane and run into a semi [just behind the cab]. The semi jackknifed and took out two telephone poles—one one EACH side of the highway and barely missed him. He said at one point, he and the semi driver were just staring at each other as the semi was rushing towards the car! He stopped and ran to a nearby house to have them call 911 and then had to keep the woman restrained, standing in a pool of gas, glass, and blood.

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He is still shaken up about it, as should be expected. And he said that experience was MUCH WORSE than all the crap he experienced being in Iraq.

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I asked what had happened to the woman…did she fall asleep? Have a stroke? Have a death wish? What? He said none of the above—-they weren’t sure…but the cop said that they had had two calls EARLIER THAT MORNING about two hit-and-runs she had been involved in! The woman was in bad shape, but expected to be okay.

OMG. 88| Not the way to start my morning…

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