Party Central

Well, after having nothing much to do the past few weekends and being bored enough to ACTUALLY twiddle my thumbs (although for just a moment), this weekend is a veritable party central! To start, I got an email mid-week from our old neighbor, Roger, saying he was having serious neighbor withdrawals—a dangerous condition, requiring immediate attention. To rectify the situation, he was inviting all the old gang over for burgers and dogs…BYOB and BAD (bring a dish)…Saturday! I emailed him back immediately saying COUNT ME IN! The next night, I got a phone call from another old neighbor, Karen, inviting me to Tom’s wetdown Friday night! (Come to find out, it was almost a spur-of-the-moment thing, as he was promoted about a month ago, but they haven’t been around to have the party—and all the coming weekends are full—so if they didn’t want to have his promotion party three months late, it was this weekend!)

The wetdown was nice…not quite the same as my Tom’s wetdown last year (not as many people and not as much alcohol, if I do say so myself, LOL) but it was nice. I got to see their new (HUMONGOID) house decorated (I had only seen it empty before). There’s just space upon space upon more space—you don’t realize how big 2400sf is until someone moves in that doesn’t have that much stuff. (Yes, I’m saying Tom and I could fill it well!) The food was delish and the filets were cooked perfectly! I also got to hold Caroline—she’s finally off her monitor!! I held her forever and then got to feed her! (I tell you, the practice I had in Florida did wonders. I’m MUCH more comfortable with babies now. But don’t go getting any ideas.) I gave her back for the diaper change, though. LOL

Tonight was dinner at Mitchell’s. It was supposed to be everyone from the ‘hood, but it ended up being just the diehards—Tom and Karen and me (and Tom in spirit, as always). We had a nice time, although I wouldn’t really consider it a PARTY, per se. (I swear, ever since Tom has been gone (well, first Tom T. and now Tom H.), the get-togethers/parties just aren’t the same.) I got to hold Caroline more and feed her again. Ursula kept asking “Do you want me to take her? Do you want me to take her?” and I had to finally say “Take advantage when someone else wants to do the work!” The only thing that worries me (about having kids) is that my back hurts after some holding. I guess before we have kids, I’ll have to find some exercises to do to strengthen my back or something—because I don’t see any way on earth I’ll be able to hold a baby for hours on end as is sometimes necessary. (Is this normal or am I just a wuss?) We called it a night pretty early…totally not like we all used to be. Are we just getting older and more tired or has something else changed??

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