Micsellaneous Updates

I found my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi last night!! I was getting gas last night and thought “Hey, I should check here!” Of course it wasn’t on sale like the Coke was, but I bought it anyway! You can tell I was desperate to have it, since I’ve NEVER IN MY LIFE paid $4.49 for a 12-pack of pop! (I rationalize it by saying it’s still only 37¢ a can.)

Tom should be heading home in two weeks!! Of course I’ve known that he’s coming home soon, but I was looking at the countdown clock last night and “14 days” just hit me like a ton of bricks! FOURTEEN DAYS! TWO WEEKS! Of course, he may not actually make it home for 3-4 weeks at most, but still… I’m getting excited!

It’s time to start seriously watching carbs again!! As most of you probably know, I’ve sort of given up on the whole STRICT no-carb thing since Tom’s been gone. (Well, I did okay for the first three months…but Christmas sucked me in and it’s been downhill ever since!) I had been thinking I would wait until Tom came home and then we’d both start again, but I HAVE to start now…a pair of khakis that used to be loose straight from the dryer are now just a bit tight (definitely still wearable, but definitely not loose). Uh oh. I’ve consciously known what I’ve been doing, though, so I only have myself to blame. So, it’s back to being strict again…which is good, since I’ve been feeling sluggish again. I just find it amazing that the food you eat can have SUCH an effect on your body and your outlook! So, I’m actually looking forward to starting!!

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