Homecoming Yesterday

I woke up at about 6am and just could NOT fall back asleep…but I was happy that I slept the whole night (I had been afraid I wouldn’t sleep a wink). Tom called about 7am to let me know he was in Charlotte and was still expected in at 8:40. I left the house (in his car, per his request!) at 8:15 since the airport is literally only minutes away. As I drove by our friend’s house (Roger & Ursula), I saw they had hung a sheet/banner out saying WELCOME HOME TOM! I almost started crying right then! (I had wanted to do a banner, but long story short, it just didn’t happen and I knew he wouldn’t be heartbroken.) But it was SOOOO sweet that they put one up and I’m so glad they did!

So I made it to the airport, parked, and only had to wait about 10 minutes before he walked off the plane! I hadn’t really been emotional AT ALL up to that point, but as soon as I saw him, I started crying! After a few minutes of hugs and kisses, LOL, it was off to wait for the luggage (I swear, all 400# of it). Then he finally got to see his new car…and loved it! Of course, he drove home.

After unloading the car, saying hello to the kids, and eating our Cinnabons (that he brought from Charlotte), Tom took a two-hour nap. I know he could have slept a lot longer, but he wanted to start getting back on schedule. Then it was off to base so he could check in and return his weapon. Then we ran some errands (dreaming about DLP televisions at Best Buy, checking out replacement laptops at Staples, eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse—a new place that just opened but that’s one of our favorite restaurants from Lansing, and getting groceries at Sam’s Club). Then it was home, where we ran into some neighbors in the street. Then we watched some TV and were in bed by 10.

So how is it to have him home? Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Except for one thing. MAN, does he make a lot of noise when he sleeps! LOL! I mean, I know he snores, but let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep (hence my being up this early). My little prods that used to get him to flip over?? No more. Now I have to literally shove him to get him to move. I know it’s mainly because he’s STILL exhausted and because he’s not used to sleeping with anyone else…but if this is still a problem after a week, we’ll have to take drastic measures!!

We have a bonfire planned for this weekend so everyone can see him and we can hear all the stories…so we’re really looking forward to that and to seeing everyone. Poor Tom—after he left, two of our best friends moved from the neighborhood, one put their house on the market (and has two offers on it), and the last is just putting their house up for sale. We’re the only ones left!

Stay tuned for more post-deployment stories, I’m sure…

*Some details have been omitted due to my parents reading this blog, LOL…

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