Fun Friday Night

It started in the afternoon, with a team shopping trip to “the staplers” as we like to call it! I was extremely excited, because our list included a new laser printer and new scanner for me (upgrading from an inkjet all-in-one)!! Of course, I also enjoyed talking with all my buds there—I really miss them! Then, since we had all driven there separately (long story), Sue decided to call it a day and thought we should all head for Chili’s! So, we did! A few margaritas later, I actually had to leave for dinner with friends—my usual sushi buddies wanted to do something different, so they had picked Mexican. As luck would have it, it was at a restaurant right down the street! So I left one gathering to join another! In Jacksonville’s version of It’s A Small World, my friends brought one of their friends—actually, a classmate from a college class—and turns out, she knew Sue, my boss! She was the daughter of one of Sue’s old co-workers! We had a good time, then I headed back over to Chili’s where the gang was still hanging out having fun! We had a few more drinks and whatnot, and I’m just now getting home at 10pm! I made some comment along the way of “I won’t be able to do this as much when my husband comes home because I’ll want to go home to be with him…” and Sue said “No! He can just come join us!” Cool! I love my new boss!

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