Cruise Headache

Can I just say that shopping for our honeymoon cruise is OVERWHELMING me beyond belief! Too many cruise lines, too many destinations, too many trip lengths… But, since we don’t want to fly anywhere (saving money on plane tickets), we are limited to local departure ports—Norfolk, VA, or Charleston, SC (both about 4.5 hours away). So, you would think these limitations would be a good thing, but the problem is that unless we cruise by April, there aren’t any cruises until November (if I’m remembering right—I have so much cruise info floating around my brain right now)!

So then there’s the research. I’ve been reading reviews of the cruise lines and individual ships and it seems every one has varying opinions. One review will say Ship A is great but the food is blah. But the next review on another site will say Ship A is blah but the food is excellent. Even personal reviews vary. And of course the ship that sounds the greatest is the most expensive. Or the ship that has the best deal (10 days for like $800 each) is a smaller ship that doesn’t appear to have all the cool amenities.

So, I’m done with research. I’ve told Tom it’s HIS job to plan the honeymoon!!

Anyone have any recommendations??? Right now, we’re looking at Holland America, Celebrity, Carnival, and Norwegian for anything from a 5-10 day cruise to the Caribbean.

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