Support hose are evil!

As I’m sure most women will agree, one of the most uncomfortable things we have to wear is pantyhose. Now, just imagine (if you will) the need to wear support hose. And we’re not just talking the suck-in-your-gut-and-smooth-out-your-cellulite variety, but the actual medically-necessary support hose…which are like support hose to the Nth degree. Otherwise known as the type I am supposed to wear.

Now, if you will, imagine wearing a pair of these support hose…and imagine that they are just a bit too small for you. So they pull. And they rub. And they chafe. And what ever else they’re doing (or not doing) under there that I can’t even begin to describe—other than to say it’s actually almost PAINFUL. Let me just say the grass is NOT greener… Before, I was whining about my other pair that was a tad too big so they constantly gathered at the knees ALL DAY LONG and I spent all day pulling them up. But at least those aren’t painful.

So I have been suffering with these since 7am and I am seriously ready to peel them off, doctors orders be damned… except I have dinner plans tonight and am stuck in town (and in public!) until probably 8pm…and I don’t think I want to go stockingless in a dress and boots…although, honestly, it’s sounding VERY tempting!

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