Six Months of…nothing?

So I’m getting around to cleaning up the house for Tom’s arrival home. (I figure if I start a month ahead, I might actually get it done.) And it just hits me that nothing here has changed. Nothing. Not that I really expected it to or planned for anything to change, but you would think that after six months, something here should be different. Look different. Hell, even smell different! But it’s all the same! Tom has been in such a dramatically different environment that I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to just get back to normal, but I just feel like “What the hell have I been doing the past six months?” Sure, I got a new job, but big whoop: Tom has been in a new job…in Iraq! The only “new and different” things around the house are 1) a new car in the driveway, 2) I moved the kitchen table, 3) there are Christmas boxes in the living room, and 4) the Christmas lights are still up.

And then sometimes I think I think too much. And decide it’s time to go to bed.

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